A History of PDM

Pershay Dance Ministry was established January 2000 with the purpose to encourage youth through gospel hip hop/Swag. In July 2003 Pershay Dance Ministry changed their name to PDM Performing Arts Corporation. We’re now a movement to underprivileged youth in the community of Brooklyn and Queens. Under the direction and guidance of Trevi Pershay the dance organization have encouraged, inspired and uplifted over 500 youth between 2003 – present with dance, theater, empowerment and outreach.


The theater program was founded in 2004. The purpose of the theater is to inspire the community with the issues that we’re experiencing as a black community. We offer on-site training and seasonal jobs to the community as well as inspiration messages for all that comes into connection with the organization. We’re a family and the goal is to encourage other writers to produce their work as well. There are 14 plays that were written, directed and produce by Trevi Pershay; Christian Scrooge, Love Don’t Live Her No More, Drama High, Tales Between 2 Spirits – Power vs. Position, Journey of a Black man, Journey of a Black woman, Real Men Do Cry, Fifteen and Grown I and II, The Curse Between My Legs, Black Woman – Are We Crazy or Nah?, The Defiled Bed – Pain Between the Sheets and Last Man Standing.

Dance Program

The dancers have performed over 150 competitions including the McDonald’s Gospelfest 2007 & 2009 and the Undiscovered Artist Seminar in Chicago Il where we opened up for Trinitee 5-7, Michelle from Destiny Child, met with Play Christopher Martin. The dancers also danced for the late Rev. Timothy Wright, Rapper Foxy Brown, Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon and many more. The purpose was to bridge the gap between old school religion with the next generation of leaders. Our dance programs are free to the youth ages 8 – 19 and currently we’re operating within community centers in Brooklyn. If you are In need of a dance program please email us and we can help motivate and inspire the youth in your community. It takes a village to raise a child so let’s work together in making our youth powerful in discovering their gifts, talents and callings.

Other PDM programs

Empowerment programs offer jobs, motivational speakers, seminars to inspire and direct our youth and young adults with the tools to help them get through open doors.

Outreach – our dancers organization although it’s a Christian movement we prefer to take the ministry into the community to encourage everyone through their personal struggle.

CEO & Founder Trevi Booker Pershay – What’s the 411?

Trevi Booker Pershay – activist, mother, wife, preacher, dancer, song writer, upcoming author, play writer, poet, spoken word lyricist, leader, mentor, motivator and prayer warrior. Trevi started dancing at the age of 8 and started her own dance classes at the age of 16 in the Louis H Pink Houses Center. Under her direction and guidance Trevi lead over 40 girls ages 8-13 into local talent shows. Trevi needed an outlet to help others while suffering in silence to her own pain of molestation and rape. Dance was the avenue that Trevi used to escape the drugs and gang violence that was developing in her community. Years later, Trevi Pershay revisited her community and saw that there were no dance programs in place to keep the troubled youth off the streets. With a big heart and a dream, Trevi implemented to programs to motivate youth and young adults. Trev has received countless awards from leaders of the community in regards to her passion to help and serve the community. Trevi Pershay ultimate goal is to showcase black theater on the road to inspire families who are in a struggle, dealing with complicated issues and violence in our communities. Trevi decided to tackle real life issues by putting real life situations on the stage as well as providing resources to help families in a crisis. Trevi Pershay is a Women of God and currently is a member of Remnant Worship Center International Inc. in Brooklyn, NY under the leadership of Pastor Courtney Bradley.

Cheryl Story – Chief of Finances/Stage Director

I am the Stage Director and Creative Manager for PDM Performing Arts Corp.  I’ve known Trevi for over 10 years and developed a sisterly bond with her and we’re best friends.  I am her number one fan.  My job is to bring the stage to life with her creative ideas.  I am responsible for all volunteers.  I sit on the board of directors as the Chief Financial Officer.  I am working woman, wife, grandma and mother to 2 grown daughters.

Email me cherylstory28@gmail.com

Arielle Pershay  – Artistic Director & Music Writer

I am Artistic Director for PDM Performing Arts Dance.  I’ve danced along-side of my mother since I was 3 years of age.  Dancing is my passion and I create all the hip hop dance pieces for PDM.  I work with students ages 8-18.  I also sit on the board of directors of PDM Performing Arts Corporation.  Now God has blessed me to birth my own dance organization called Astar Productions. I am contributing writing to many of the songs in trevipershayproductions plays.  I also co-written a play with my mom.  My goal in life is to be the best that I can be and keep God first.

I can be reached by email pershayarielle@gmail.com

Tinika Thomas – Publicist and Director of Business Strategies

I am the right hand to Trevi Pershay. I handle all the day to day business agendas as well as staff meetings. My goal is to help PDM & Trevi Pershay Productions reach the world globally. We’re not just dance and theater we are a movement. I currently hold the seat on the Board of Directors as President. I am a full time working woman as well as a mom to a wonderful grown son. My goal in life is to every challenge with a smile on my face. If you want to book Trevi Pershay Productions at your school, church or upcoming events I am the right person to reach.

Email me at shauntee2109@yahoo.com

Lavon J. Collins – Casting Director

As the Business Manager for PDM & Trevi Pershay Productions, my job is to extensively review budgeting, meet deadlines, hire staff and cast.  Oversee the production team, cast development, all contracts in film/video productions.  Assistant Director for the upcoming web series Grown Woman Chronicles responsible for hiring production team, secure all casting calls, music production and management for the music division.

Email me at lctheone718@gmail.com