About the Founder

Dr. Trevi Booker-Pershay is the CEO/Founder of PDM Performing Arts Corporation, PDM Making A Difference Awards Community Program and PDM Community Bookbag Giveaways. Dr. Trevi Booker- Pershay has been a community activist since the age of 16 where she first started her dance program in Louis H. Pink Houses Community Center.

Dr. Trevi Booker-Pershay realized that there was no program currently in place to keep her teenage hormones occupied in the arts instead of a boy’s bed. Dr. Trevi Booker-Pershay was surrounded by gangs, drugs, violence and no mentors to look up to. Dr. Trevi Booker-Pershay decided to make a change you first must be a change and with the encouragement of the late Mr. Jones (the community center Director) the dance program was birthed.

Dr. Trevi Booker-Pershay had no idea that the idea God had gave her would change and empower inner-city youth and become a movement.